Frequently asked questions


Whether you're looking to print just one or two copies of an item or a long print run, we have different types of printing processes we can match to your needs. We've recently invested in some new finishing equipment, allowing us to offer finishing techniques, such as spot uv and foil blocking, which, up until now, have not been cost-effective to apply to short runs, let alone one-off items. 

And we don't have minimum quantities for mailings either. We're happy to handle all mailings, regardless of volume. We have some clients we send fewer than 50 letters to and others we mail over 100,000 packs. Whatever quantity, we treat every mailing with the same level of integrity.

With postage often being the biggest cost element of a direct mail campaign, we know what a difference every penny you can save can make to your marketing budget.

There are so many factors which affect postage costs. Whether you're sending letters, large letters or parcels, a handful of items or a big campaign, UK or International, once we receive your brief we can advise on the most suitable service for your mailing. We work with Royal Mail and all the leading Downstream Access Providers so we'll assess the full market place and advise on the best value rates available to you.

Many companies already think they are getting a good deal through the franking rate discount. But we can save you much more than this, not to mention the time and additional resources it takes to fulfil and mail the items yourself.

If you really don't believe us, get in touch about your next campaign and we'll show you!







Whilst we can provide the full print to mail service, with everything under our one roof, it's never a problem if you only require a single part of what we can offer.


Many clients use just our print services, other just for mailing. Just speak to us to discuss your requirement.



At KJS We Are Direct Mail we always strive to turn any job, print or mailing, around as quickly as we can. If you have a fixed deadline, make sure we know what it is and we'll certainly do our best to meet this. Even if you think it may be unachievable, we'd much rather you at least at the question. We can usually find a solution to most problems!



Yes! We have our own delivery vehicles which gives us a lot of flexibility in being able to deliver as and when required.

On some occasions, we need to use courier services. When this is the case, we use companies we can trust and keep tight control on making sure your parcels are delivered when scheduled.


It all depends on what you're planning to mail out.

Polywrapping is ideal if you're planing to send heavier items, such as magazines, catalogues, newspapers, when you need to keep your pack weight down to get the best postal rate. And, because poly is durable, your pack contents are protected as they go through the mailing system. With the front cover of your brochure or magazine showing, it can be a great way to get your pack noticed and get the recipient to open it straight away. A carrier sheet is also a great way to get noticed and can be printed in one or full colour, one side or both. We can polywrap up to A4 size, and insert multiple items into each pack, whether onserting, so the additional inserts sit on top of the main item, or we can feed inserts into the magazine itself. At KJS We Are Direct Mail, we only use bio-degrable poly.

Envelope enclosing is perfect for less heavy packs, such as business letters, or letter and brochure mailings. Our fully automated, envelope enclosing lines allow us to process thousands of items every hour. With multi-stations we can efficiently collate and feed a variety of items such as letters, leaflets, brochures, business reply envelopes into envelope from size C6 up to C4. If you're sending out generic items, we'll direct address non window envelopes. Or, if you have a personalised letter, we'll insert into window envelopes. Even if you need to enclose more than one personalised item, match mailing isn't a problem with our camera matching facilities.

When you're planning your next mailing, give us a call and we can advise on which option is most suitable to your needs

From data to print to fulfilment, whatever your requirement, call us today on 01733 342 321